• Ecoway Pack Of 30 Disposable Bagasse...

    • Biodegradable Bagasse Plates: 30 pieces of 9-inch round plates and 30 pieces of 7-inch round plates made from bagasse, a natural and compostable material.
    • Premium Paper Cups: 30 high-density 8oz white paper cups for hot or cold beverages, ensuring your guests’ drinks stay just the right temperature.
    • Biodegradable Cutlery: A set of 30 biodegradable spoons, knives, and forks made from PLA (Polylactic Acid), offering sturdy and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic utensils.
    • Bagasse Bowls: 30 eco-conscious 12-oz bagasse bowls, perfect for serving soups, salads, or other delicious dishes without harming the environment.
    • Compostable Tissue Packs: Included in the set is a pack of 50 compostable tissues, ensuring your guests can comfortably enjoy their meal.
    • Cassava Bags: Receive two eco-friendly cassava bags measuring 40x50cm each, providing a convenient and sustainable way to dispose of your party waste.
    • Sustainable Party for 30: This comprehensive party pack is designed to serve up to 30 persons, making it ideal for large gatherings, events, birthdays, and celebrations.
    • Environmentally Responsible: By choosing the Ecoway Party Pack, you’re making a conscious choice to reduce plastic waste and promote eco-friendliness, all while hosting a memorable event.
    93.22 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Ecoway Pack Of 50 Disposable Bagasse...

    • Bagasse 9″ Inch Plates (50 Pcs): Made from natural Bagasse fibre, these sturdy 9”-inch plates are perfect for serving main courses, ensuring durability and sustainability in every bite.
    • 7″ Inch Round Plates (50 Pcs): Complement your dinner setting with these 7″ inch round plates, suitable for appetizers, desserts, or side dishes.
    • Paper Cups 8oz White (50 Pcs): Enjoy your favourite beverages with our 8oz white paper cups, designed for both hot and cold drinks.
    • Spoons (50 Pcs): Crafted with care, these eco-friendly spoons are a sustainable choice for stirring and savouring your meals.
    • Forks (50 Pcs): Our environmentally conscious forks are not only durable but also designed to minimize your carbon footprint.
    • Knives (50 Pcs): Complete your dining experience with our eco-friendly knives, perfect for cutting through a variety of dishes.
    • 12oz bowls (50 Pcs): Versatile and eco-conscious, these 12oz bowls are ideal for serving soups, salads, or snacks.
    • Paper Napkins (100 Pcs): Stay clean and sustainable with our 100 paper napkins, designed to enhance your dining experience.
    • Set Includes: Bagasse 9″ Inch Plates (50 Pcs), 7″ Inch Round Plates (50 Pcs), Paper Cups 8oz White (50 Pcs), Spoons (50 Pcs), Forks (50 Pcs), Knives (50 Pcs), 12oz Bowls (50 Pcs), Paper Napkins (100 Pcs), 2 Cassava Trash Bags (50x60CM each).
    116.53 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Ecoway Pack Of 100 Disposable Bagasse...

    • Bagasse Dinner Plates (9″ Inch – 100 Pcs): These sturdy, 9-inch round plates are made from Bagasse, a natural and biodegradable material, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable dinnerware.
    • Round Plates (7″ Inch – 100 Pcs): Complementing the larger plates, these 7-inch round plates are perfect for appetizers, salads, or desserts, ensuring a complete dining experience.
    • Biodegradable 12 oz.bowls (100 Pcs): These 12 oz. bowls are ideal for serving soups, stews, or pasta. They are made from eco-friendly materials and can be disposed of guilt-free.
    • Paper Cups (8 oz. – 100 Pcs): The set includes 8 oz. white paper cups, perfect for serving beverages, hot or cold, during your event.
    • Biodegradable Spoons (100 Pcs): These biodegradable spoons are strong and durable, making them suitable for a variety of culinary delights.
    • Forks (100 Pcs): The set includes 100 biodegradable forks, ensuring that your guests have the appropriate cutlery for their meals.
    • Knives (100 Pcs): With 100 biodegradable knives included, your guests can enjoy their meals without worrying about waste.
    • Paper Napkins (100 Pcs): These high-quality paper napkins add a touch of elegance to your table setting while providing convenience to your guests.
    • Set Includes: 100 Bagasse Dinner Plates (9″ Inch), 100 Round Plates (7″ Inch), 100 Biodegradable 12 oz. Bowls, 100 Paper Cups (8 oz.), 100 Biodegradable Spoons, 100 Forks, 100 Knives, 100 Paper Napkins, 2 Cassava Trash Bags (60×70 CM) for responsible disposal.
    280.16 د.إ All prices include VAT.

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