• Vertux Gaming Mouse Pad | Fluxpad...

    • Anti-Slip Base: The dense rubber base of the mouse pad offers a heavy grip that keeps it in place even during high-intensity games without sliding or moving.
    • Anti-Slip Base: The dense rubber base of the mouse pad offers a heavy grip that keeps it in place even during high-intensity games without sliding or moving.
    • LED Light: LED lights on the borders of the gaming mouse look vibrant and have smooth animations.
    • Surface Texture: The compatible surface texture of the gaming mouse pad let you enjoy a greater tracking experience and perfect aiming precision. The top material has low friction to track the cursor?s movement precisely.
    • Ideal for: The gaming mouse pad is perfect for hard, flat, and tabletop surfaces. Best for gaming and daily work.
    • Durable: The strong and flexible design of the pad for a gaming mouse is made of reliable material and has delicate edges. It can be rolled up and is easily portable.
    • Wear-Resistant: The mouse pad for gamers has defined edges that are wear-resistant and stay safe from deformation and fudging when used for an extended time.
    • Comfortable: The soft cloth mouse pad surface provides comfort to your wrist when you play longer games and keeps your hand sweat-free for smooth movement.
    • Color: The black gaming mouse pad not only looks classy but goes well with every color or theme of the mouse and gaming station.
    135.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Asus Rog Scabbard Ii Gaming Mouse...

    • SMOOTH GLIDE FOR GAMING – A smooth glide from your mouse pad is the difference between victory & defeat. Made out of military-grade nano-coating, the ROG scabbard II is made to repel water, oil and dust for an optimally smooth glide for your mouse.
    • REPELLENT SURFACE – Made of durable woven fabric with industry-leading American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Grade 100 water and Grade 2.5 oil resistance, so it’s protected against spills & easy to clean & maintain.
    • OPTIMIZED FOR GAMING – The textile-weave surface features a special coating that makes its 1.5 times smoother than standard mouse pad fabrics, giving you a smooth surface with adequate friction, great for both optical and laser sensors.
    • ANTI-FRAY FLAT EDGE STITCHES – The flat-stitched edges of ROG Scabbard II makes it 12% thinner than standard anti-fray stitched mousepads.
    • DESK PAD SIZED MOUSE PAD – Measuring 35.43 x 14.74 x 0.11in, ROG Scabbard II has ample space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse and other gaming accessories. It also protects your desk from accidental spills and scratches.
    249.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Vertux Mouse Pad | Anti-Friction...

    • Optimum Tracking: The micro-woven design of the mouse pad provides ease for quick movements.
    • Stable: The gaming mouse pad does not move easily and stays in place with the help of a rubber base.
    • Color: Black.
    • 13 Lighting Modes: The gaming mouse pad features 13 breathing lighting modes that are dynamic and colorful including monochrome static lighting mode to make your gaming atmosphere balmy. The best advantage is that it memorizes the last lighting mode you selected before turning off the light.
    • Convenient to Use: The mouse pad comes with a great feature of controlling the lights. Press the button to change the color and brightness, besides turning it on or off.
    • Large Surface Area: The RGB gaming mouse pad has an expanded base with an 80×30 cm dimension on which you can easily place the keyboard and mouse as well as move your hands with ease.
    • Application: The gaming mouse pad powered by USB is meant for plug and play. Forget about the trouble of needing a driver. Connect to the USB port and see the mouse pad lighting right away.
    • Non-Toxic: The mouse pad for gamers is made of natural rubber material that is completely safe and environmental-friendly.
    • Water-Proof: The smooth microfiber material of the mouse pad works best to avoid damage from spilled beverages and other liquids.
    • Maintenance: Just clean the mouse pad with water without worrying about fading.
    63.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Asus Rog BaltEUs Qi Vertical Gaming...

    • AURA SYNC LIGHTING – 15-zone Aura Sync RGB lighting for vibrant and dynamic customizations
    • GAMING OPTIMIZED SURFACE – Large, portrait micro-textured surface optimized for accurate and speedy gameplay
    • USB PASSTHROUGH – Built-in USB 2.0 passthrough port for easily connecting other devices
    • QI WIRELESS CHARGING – Convenient Qi wireless charging with LED charging-status indicator
    • NONSLIP RUBBER BASE – Stylish nonslip rubber base features ROG cybertext graphics
    401.40 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Asus ROG Strix Slice Gaming Mouse...

    • MINIMUM FRICTION – Low friction surface for fast, unhindered mouse gliding that tracks even the smallest movements, and ideal for both optical and laser mice.
    • SHINE & BE SEEN – Cyberpunk theme with glow-in-the-dark ROG logo to stand out in every tournament.
    • ULTRATHIN DESIGN – For a sleek appearance and easy portability
    • FIRM GRIP – Nonslip silicone base keeps its grip on your worktop or table, no matter how fierce the action
    • SMOOTH GLIDE – Durable, easy-to-clean surface ensures the best performance game after game
    103.74 د.إ All prices include VAT.

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