• Marvin’S Magic Drawing Board (Professional Magic Made Easy )

    • No Mess
    • Re-use over and over again
    • Stimulate creative talent
    • Fun and educational
    • Clearly illustrated instructions in four languages
    49.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Marvin’s Magic Lights from Anywhere

    • THE ORIGINAL LIGHTS FROM ANYWHERE IN RED: Buy our Lights From Anywhere illusion and you’ll marvel at the simple but powerful magic inside. This set is the perfect complement to a magician’s card and coin tricks, it’s fun to master and always gets a great reaction! Seeing is believing!
    • FABULOUS RED LIGHTS MAGICALLY APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR: Open the box to reveal the secret to this trick magic kit and you’ll be ready to conjure a light from nowhere! Make it vanish and reappear, pull the light from behind your ear, pass it from hand to hand, throw and catch it or pass it through your friends – the only limit is your imagination. Give this trick a try in the dark for an even more spectacular effect.
    • AMAZE AND WOW YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Looking for the ultimate magic tricks set for kids? This magic set is a great gift for men or women, experienced or not and all skill levels, no prior magic experience is needed. The perfect magic trick is easily learnt and will impress others with the power of light! Instructions included to show you exactly how to perform tricks with perfection.
    • UNBELIEVABLE MAGIC BEFORE YOUR EYES: Marvin’s Lights From Anywhere is a physical illusion where the magician seems to controls a mysterious light in their hands. This trick needs only the right props, a great guide (and we’ve taken care of both), a few minutes of practice and some illusionist’s flair! The ultimate trick kit for those looking to impress an audience. This product also comes recommended by the world famous Magic Circle.
    • MAKES A FANTASTIC GIFT: Looking for the ultimate magic tricks set for children & teens? The lucky recipient will get to perform an incredible range of tricks on their own or as part of an unforgettable double-act. Make the lights jump from hand to hand and impress onlookers, make it disappear and appear at will! Lights From Anywhere is suitable for magic fans aged 8 or above. Marvel at the simple but powerful magic inside this fantastic set!
    49.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Marvin’s Magic Mind-Blowing Card Tricks Kit – 8 Years And Above-Mmb 5730

    • A truly bumper collection of 250 card tricks
    • Includes Svengali Magic Cards
    • Mysterious Mind Power Tricks
    • Marked Cards and tonnes more besides !
    • For Magicians Age 8 and upwards
    99.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Marvin’s Magic – 60 Greatest Magic Tricks Box Of Tricks – Magician Supplies Include Mystical Magic Cards, Dynamic Coins + More

    • AMAZING SELECTION OF MAGIC TRICKS AND ILLUSIONS: This amazing magic kit is packed with numerous tricks that can be mastered in minutes! The special 60 Greatest Magic Tricks magic set will enable you to throw a sophisticated magic show and perform professional magic tricks for friends and family. This amazing box of tricks includes the dynamic coins, Svengali magic cards, instant money illusion, vanishing handkerchief plus more.
    • DISPLAYED IN A STUNNING GIFT TIN: Includes sixty amazing magic tricks to amaze! The box features all of Marvin’s most ingenious props including Svengali cards & dynamic coins. Magicians have been using Svengali cards to entertain crowds for over a century, which makes them literally one of the oldest tricks in the book! Dynamic Coins is a classic vanishing trick that creates the illusion that coins disappear and teleport to a different place at the conjurer’s command!
    • OFFICALLY RECOMMENDED BY THE MAGIC CIRCLE: Contains 60 magic tricks including The Dynamic Coins, Svengali Magic Cards, Vanishing Handkerchief and Instant Money Illusion. Look the part with your best clothing and take the magic wand, magic playing cards and much more for a fantastic collection to put together a stunning show. Marvin’s Magic has decades of experience with magic – so you can trust that the label’s selection set of 60 Greatest Magic Tricks that are guaranteed to impress.
    • UNBELIEVABLE MAGIC BEFORE YOUR EYES: Marvin’s 60 Greatest Magic Tricks is a magic tricks set where the magician can used specially crafted objects to grab the audience’s attention. This trick needs only the right props, a great guide (and we’ve taken care of both), a few minutes of practice and some illusionist’s flair! The ultimate birthday gift or party trick for anyone to enjoy, magic games are the perfect way to make a spectacular magic show at a party.
    • AMAZING DELUXE COLLECTION SET: This is a limited edition set especially created for all of Marvin’s fans as an exclusive deluxe collection of Marvin’s Magic tricks. Join us on this magical journey and use the advanced magic items to become fascinated with the wonders of tricks and illusions! Be the magic master with these new magic tricks and learn how to wow people with this awesome professional magic kit.
    149.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.
  • Marvin’S Magic – Mizz Magic Magic Gift Tin – Girls Magic Set – Magic Tricks For Kids – Includes Mind Reading Canisters, Magic Changing Cards, Mysterious Cat Clip & More

    • A beautiful keepsake tin magic set
    • Includes an array of secret tricks
    • For magicians aged 6 upwards.
    • Ideal for Magicians age 6 plus
    • Includes Exclusive Secret Magic notebook
    74.00 د.إ All prices include VAT.

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